Three Things To Avoid After A Spray Tan

Sunless spray tans provide a variety of benefits over natural or bed tanning. To get the best results from your investment, you’ll need to nurture the color after you leave the salon.

Developing your color to its fullest potential takes a little bit of caution and care. Follow these guidelines to ensure you get the most mileage and the deepest glow out of your sunless spray tanning experience.

Take A Break From The Gym

It’s recommended to stay off the treadmill for at least 12 hours after you leave the salon. The newer the tan, the more vulnerable it is, and sweating can lead to unwanted streaking.

If you consider yourself a gym rat, try and get a great workout in before your tan. This way, your workout and tanning recovery times can overlap. If you just can’t stop yourself from exercising, some light yoga and stretching can satisfy your activity craving while doing minimal damage to your tan.

Limit Shower Time

In the same vein as sweat, extended hot showers can lead to your tan’s lifespan being vastly shorter than you want. Limit your time under the showerhead, and stay in the mild to cool water temperatures to minimize the effect it will have on your glow. Try not to wash your hands excessively either; to still stay hygienic, use baby wipes instead.

Be sure to avoid using shower products. Loofahs, washcloths, brushes, and body washes with microbeads are all going to hasten the tan’s departure.

Your first shower after your spray tan will likely result in a puddle of colored water around your drain, but this is normal. As you leave the shower, make sure to pat yourself dry with the towel, don’t rub. When your tan begins to fade, all these items and methods will be great removal and cleansing tools to get you ready for your next tan. But for the first few days, it’s best to stay away.

Tight Clothes

While you can’t prevent some of the color coming off on your clothes, you can minimize it.

For the first day after your session, you’ll want to give the tan as much room to breathe and settle uninterrupted. Since you’ll need to wear something, we recommend throwing on your cutest dark-colored outfits.

The darker shades will hide any bronzer that will rub off on clothing. This means leggings, jeans, bras or tank tops can lead to earlier fading. Maintain a comfortable, loose wardrobe until 24 hours or so has passed since your session.

Talk To Your Tanning Technician

The good news is the cosmetic bronzer used at Bronze Age Spray Tanning is water soluble, so what does come off should not stain your clothes or linens (excluding leather, silk, lace, nylon, and spandex). If you have any other questions, simply ask Diane for advice. There’s no better resource than a successful tanning veteran.

Following these rules isn’t the hassle it may appear to be. You can abide by all these guidelines doing one simple activity: spend the day watching Netflix. Your tan will thank you.

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