My name is Diane and I’m a tanning addict.

I am committed to providing every one of my clients with a superior experience, exceptional products and most importantly, amazing results. Customer satisfaction is my top priority. My dedication, integrity and thoroughness, set me apart from others in the industry. I do not cut corners and am committed to exceeding your expectations.

Growing up in New Jersey in the 80’s, tanning was an Olympic sport! Like every respectable Jersey Girl, my friends and I spent our teens and 20’s at the beach, pool and tanning salon. Our goal was to attain the deepest, darkest tan possible. We couldn’t wait for April to arrive, as that was the magical month when the tanning salon would offer their super cheap, pre-season specials and we could get a head start on our “base tan.” Without fail, every year my parents would warn me about the negative effects of the sun; premature aging, freckling and skin cancer just to name a few, but I was young and invincible and hey, “I’m Italian, with olive skin, so nothing will happen to me.” Fast-forward to my 30’s and boy do I wish I had listened to them. One morning I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the fine lines around my eyes, my hands were starting to look like my 80-year-old grandmother’s hands, my chest was freckled and I had a bunch of dark spots I had never had before. My Olympic career was over. A few weeks later, I had a bunch of those “dark spots” removed, that scared me enough to overcome my unhealthy tanning addiction and search for a better way to attain that deep, dark tan.

Over the years I have tried every tanning product known to man, (seriously, I have spent thousands of dollars) and gotten sprayed in the big scary spray tanning booths, only to end up looking like a big Oompa-Loompa the next day. One night I was up late watching tv and saw an infomercial for an “at-home” spray tanning system. I ordered it immediately and paid the extra $22 for express shipping. Two days later it arrived. It worked “ok,” but not good enough. That day, my new tanning quest began. My search was on for the best spray tan system I could find. A few years and beaucoup bucks later, I purchased a used one from a salon that was going out of business. Over time, I researched to gain more knowledge, took a certification course, and started spraying my friends and family. Since then, I have never looked back. I quit my 23-year career as a travel agent and started Bronze Age Spray Tanning. You will not find anyone more passionate about tanning than me. I use the best solutions out there, period. They are certified organic and vegan and not tested on animals. The colors are natural and won’t leave you looking orange, feeling tacky, or dry out your skin. My other passion is health and a healthy life style. I won’t put anything toxic on my body and neither should you.